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"VibraFit Health" a totally new concept within the health and fitness industry, a service that is equivalent to that of a personal trainer. Space age "Vibration Plate Technology" is the key, used by "Celebes & Sport Stars" to achieve high levels of fitness and body shaping.

The secret is out in the form of a small Vibra Plate unit that can easily be accommodated in any home, it provides all the exercise benefits of a full gym without the need of sweaty circuit training. "A ten minute session is equal to a one hour gym workout, burning off a fat busting 350 calories".

A home gym that takes up very little room, a home gym that is pain free and almost effortless to use, a home gym that can help you burn calories whilst standing still, a home gym that can be used even with debilitating illness, a home gym that can make you money.                       

"Vibrafit Health" is a retail outlet offering a full range of vibration plate equipment for home use. An integral part of the facilities is a training area to provide customer demonstrations of the products. Each customer receives expert advice on use of the equipment, with an option of a one month Personal Trainer Membership.

A website links Vibrafit and the member, providing the member with their own "Personal Trainer Page", giving ongoing support to include dietary and nutritional advice to help maximise results of weight loss, body shaping and fitness programmes.  

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