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How Vibration Plate Works?

Vibration training might seem to be a new concept, but the Russian professor Nazarov had already investigated this technology back in the 1970s. As a former top gymnast, Nazarov had seen the results of vibration training close at hand. Vibration training was used by Olympic trainers in Russia who were looking for the best form of training. Russian athletes subsequently dominated the Olympic Games during that decade. Following the huge success of the Russian athletes, the Russian Space programme also initiated research, investigating vibration technology and the negative effects of weightlessness on muscles and bones (osteoporosis).

Despite Nazaro's good results, politics and language prevented recognition of the Russian's work by the West. Vibration technology was rediscovered in the West at the end of the 1980s. It was the Italian sport physiologist, Carmelo Bosco, who conducted extensive research into the vibration method. He is one of the leading scientists who studied the effects of vibration technology on the human body, particularly on the muscles, nervous system and hormones.

Whole Body Vibration is a form of training which uses reflexes. The Vibration Plate generates mechanical energy (vibrations) which are transferred to the body. This high frequency vibration causes a myotatic reflex or a stretch reflex in the muscle being trained. The muscles involuntarily contract. A good example of a stretch reflex is a reflex tested by the doctor when he gently taps a reflex hammer under the knee. The muscles in the upper leg involuntarily contract 100% automatically.

Vibration Plate stimulates the muscle's stretch reflex. With conventional power training, only 40-45% of the muscle tissue contracts during a workout, on a Vibration Plate the muscle tissues contract for 90-100%.

During the training, the muscle tissues contract at the set frequency. Each vibration causes a contraction. Due to the high number of consecutive contractions, the contraction is experienced as one long contraction. A full work-out on a Vibration Plate takes 10 minutes and equals 1 hour in the gym and you burn up to 350 calories.

The Body vibrations have many other positive effects which include:-

Increased muscle strength

Improved circulation

Improved hormonal emission

Increased collagen

Improvement of basic metabolism

Improved flexibility

Increased bone density

Saves time

Improved coordination

Improved fitness

Faster muscle recovery by production of Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

Attacks cellulite

Lymph drainage (fluid drainage)

Fat combustion

No more adhesions

Higher pain threshold and pain relief

Improves suppleness of muscles

Improved general health

Lowering of the stress hormone cortisol

Increasing the happy hormone serotonin

Less pressure on joints, ligaments and tendons

Increase in testosterone

Strengthening of the connective tissue

Training with less effort

Improved sense of balance

Fewer varicose veins

A Quick Way In To Stay In Shape

Everyone considers health to be an important asset. We not only keep healthy by eating a good diet but also by physical activity. Often, however, physical activity loses out. We spend our days at work, while our evenings are filled with social commitments.

Compared with any other training equipment, the Vibration Plate gives you a better workout in less time and, more importantly with less effort. The unique and revolutionary method applied by the Vibration Plate focuses on the stretch reflexes of the muscles. The Vibration Plate is ideal for maintaining and/or improving your general health, used by top athletes to provide benefits like increased strength and recovery capacity, also used by doctors for faster patient recovery after operations.

The Vibration Plate is the solution for people who have little free time but want to have a fit, healthy, slim body. In a fraction of the time required by other sports, you will experience 30% more effect with the Vibration Plate. Combined with fitness exercises or other sports, the Vibration Plate offers even more spectacular results.

Looking good makes you feel good. Your self confidence grows accordingly.

In recent years, the number of people with weight problems has increased dramatically. Being overweight puts you at great risk of heart disease, diabetes and joint problems. Scientific research has shown that if you reduce your weight by 5%, you also reduce the health risks. Using the Vibration Plate you can maintain your weight at a healthy level, burning up to 350 calories a day.

Improving Beauty

Cellulite, that dimpled orange peel effect, is caused by the accumulation of fat cells in the connective tissue below the skin. Fat piles up surrounded by fluid. As the number of fat cells in the subcutaneous fat tissue increases, dimples are formed by clusters of fat cells. Poor blood circulation and unsatisfactory elimination of waste material harden the cell clusters beneath the skin. The Vibration Plate helps you fight cellulite.

The Vibration Plate improves the circulation. Furthermore it improves lymphatic drainage, allowing better drainage of fluids and waste materials. The connective tissue becomes stronger after training with the Vibration Plate. Your skin thus becomes firmer and dimples and bumps disappear.

It not only helps you fight cellulite, it also smoothes away wrinkles. As the connective tissue becomes stronger, your skin will become firmer, giving wrinkles no chance to form.

Sports & Rehabilitation

The Vibration Plate works according to the super-compression method- movement, rest and repetition. This results in improved performance. The vibrations transferred by the Vibration Plate to the body, with a frequency between 30 and 50 vibrations per second, are converted into energy. The stretch reflex responses make the muscles work hard. A shorter training and less pressure has more effect than other training equipment.

With the Vibration Plate, muscle strength increases by up to 30% more than with other power training and in 85% less time. Due to its lower impact workout and shorter training time, the joints, ligaments and tendons are put under less pressure. Research has shown that tendons, fascia and connective tissue are manipulated by intermittent stretching. This relieves adhesions. Within a short space of time, the Vibration Plate achieves very favourable results.

In rehabilitation situations, the Vibration Plate can be used very early on due to its low impact training. The benefits and results also have a preventive action regarding the functioning of the whole healing system. Furthermore training on the Vibration Plate during in rehabilitation can be maintained for longer as it takes less time and requires less effort. As a result of the wide range of training and the experiences of top athletes, the Vibration Plate has been very successful.

Anti Aging “Stay Young Feel Good”

Humans usually experience a gradual decline in physical performance from around the age of 35. How this develops depends on lifestyle. Major research has shown that a conditional decline of 1% a year can occur from the age of 25. It has also been shown that regular exercise can delay the process. Around the age of 40, we reach our maximum strength capacity; loss of strength will subsequently be most strongly seen in the leg and trunk muscles. Any form of training slows down this loss.

Muscle tissue, joints and tendons lose their elasticity and suppleness with age, causing people to become less supple. As one gets older, the muscle mass declines and the amount of body fat increases. The Vibration Plate can have great results, even if one starts later on in life.

Regular training with the Vibration Plate, about 10 minutes a day, 3 times a week, can have benefits later on in life, irrespective of whether someone has practised sports in the past. Thus whatever your age and unless there is any counter indication, training on the Vibration Plate is guaranteed to benefit you.

The Vibration Plate is an extremely effective and efficient method of training to keep the aging process at bay for as long as possible. Your flexibility increases and the resulting production of collagen improve your appearance. Using the Vibration Plate you can do all the floor exercises you used to do. However you can now enhance your workout externally without having to lift heavy weights. When you do such an exercise dynamically for 1 minute, it has the same effect as 30 lunges with a heavy pole on one's neck.

You can now improve the quality and quantity of your life fast and effectively. With a Space Age health and fitness product: "Vibration Plate Technology"

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